"Good counselors lack no clients"

- William Shakespeare

KGH Border Services Experts

KGH Border Services has almost 700 Customs experts available for strategic advice, reform and modernization projects and capacity building consultancy work. Our experts are always using latest technology, international standards and best practices from all over the world, combined with their extensive experience of working in Governments as well as in international development projects. We are always focused on implementation and results. We know what works and we have a strong track record of leading and participating in successful customs development projects on all continents.

Our Senior International Experts

KGH Border Services has access to a number of senior and very experienced international experts, our Senior International Expert’s pool. These experts have outstanding careers in international institutions and within national Governments. Our Senior International Experts have all held key positions and played important roles in standard-setting on the international level and they have led and participated in Customs reform projects all around the world.

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